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About US

The Company:

MULTICLIMA was established in 1998 as a private mechanical engineering company to serve the construction and engineering industries in Egypt and the Region. The company covers a wide range of engineering services such as system design, supervision, testing commissioning and professional handing over for the mechanical scope of services. for various fields of activities. Our customers are involved in diverse markets - touristic and industrial projects, hospitals, educational institutions, residential and administration buildings, shopping malls, recreational outlets, restaurants, telecommunication projects, as well as new community developments. We enjoy listening to our customers’ needs and designing the perfect solution. We will take your ideas from concept through production within your time-table and budget.We can develop a new design that meets your exact requirements. Just tell us what you have in mind.


 Our Mission:

MULTICLIMA strives to be the most responsive provider of mechanical engineering in Egypt and the Region. We use our multidisciplinary background to give our customers unsurpassed quality, integrity, design innovation, focus, pricing and timeliness, while maintaining an uplifting work environment that promotes long-term relations, employee development, and continual growth.  



  • The Egyptian syndicate of Engineers: official HVAC Consultant.
  • Regular Member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating refrigeration and air conditioning engineers) - USA.



MULTICLIMA offers complete mechanical capabilities; moreover we possess many key advantages:

  • Fully integrated solutions 
  • Custom designs for niche markets
  • Competitive prices


Our Commitment to Quality

We are determined to provide the highest quality to our customers through every stage of operation. You will see our quality difference in product design, manufacturing, continuous improvement and problem resolution.


We Enjoy a Challenge

Our philosophy is simple:

We listen

We design

We build

Products that solve problems