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Uninterruptible Power System

Industrial UPS is designed to provide continuous power supply to critical 1ph AC loads.

Technical and economical proposal

These UPS systems ensure quality power supplies for pumps, control devices (SCADA and DCS), fire-fighting systems, emergency lighting, air conditioning and other essential equipment.As the order is received, a project-oriented team is in charge of the job. The project management covers all the job phases:



EFFEKTA has been successfully operating on the UPS market for over 15 years. Over the years, the company has come to epitomize reliability and quality and they are now one of the leading UPS manufacturers in Germany.

This success has been made possible by consistent ongoing, development and the use of innovative technology. Most UPSs are employed to safeguard data processing functions in case of power disturbances.EFFEKTA UPSs are not only suited to use with computers, but also with all sensitive, power-dependent units.